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Higbee Park

Higbee Park was the former site of Higbee School

Hill to Hill Bridge

Hill to Hill Bridge with Hotel Bethlehem in background
Looking north, c.1915-1930
Courtesy of Lehigh University Special Collections, LUPC LUPC0216

Holy Ghost Catholic Church

In the mid-1800s, to accommodate a growing number of German-speaking immigrant workers to Bethlehem, the Holy Ghost Catholic Church (originally named St. Bernard’s) was built on the South Side of the city.

Holy Infancy 312 East 4th Street Bethlehem, PA 18015

Holy Infancy Founded 1861 "One big happy family. Actually, like three or four in one parish, but it all works out beautifully." --Lorraine Skelley describing the parish of Holy Infancy.

Homer Research Laboratories of Bethlehem Steel

Architect: ----
Dates: Late 1950s-Late 1960s, Lehigh University Purchased 5 of the 8 buildings in 1986, Lehigh University purchased the last 2 in 2013
Type: Commercial, Academic
Name Variations: Mountain Top Campus

James Ward Packard Hall

Architect: Visscher & Burley
Patron: James Ward Packard
Dates: 1928-1930, 1976 Remodel
Type: Academic
Name Variation: Packard Laboratory

Lamberton Hall

Architect: Furness & Evans
Dates: 1907, 1941 Remodel, 1958-1959 Remodel
Type: Academic
Name Variation: The Commons, Dining Hall
In honor of Robert A. Lamberton (President of Lehigh University, 1880-1893)

Lehigh University Arboretum, Sayre Park

Architect/Patron: Dr. Robert Hall
Dates: 1908-1950s
Type: Parks, Cultural & Leisure

Included an outdoor theatre, Top 'o the Mountain Theatre (1930s)

Liberty Firehouse

If a neighbor hadn’t seen smoke pouring from 433 Vine Street, fire may have claimed the Iampietro family and their home. John Iampietro remembers the source of the fire – a cigar butt a boarder had left in his coat pocket for later.

Liberty High School

Liberty High School opened in 1922 as  "Bethlehem High School," replacing The South Bethlehem High School that had served all of the city's 9th-12th grade students.