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Linderman Library

Architect: Addison Hutton (1834-1916), Visscher & Burley, MGA Partners Patron: Asa Packer Dates: 1877-1878,1928-1929 Addition & Remodel, 2005-2007 Remodel Type: Academic In Honor of Lucy Packer Linderman

Local Businesses

"Third Street was downtown Bethlehem. We had our own city market with all different kinds of vendors, beautiful stores, five and dimes...."
- Bernadette Misero, Former resident

Lost Neighborhood Tour

This tour examines the locations and memories of the Lost Neighborhood. You can use the menus below to explore streets, locations and events of the Lost Neighborhood.

M & M Meat Store

Many former residents of the South Side remember buying fresh cuts of meat at the M & M meat store. The image on the right is an advertisement that the store placed in Lehigh University's 1929 Epitome Yearbook.

Maginnes Hall

Architect: --- Patron: Nancy Maginnes Kissinger Dates: 1970 Type: Academic In honor of Albert B. Maginnes '21

Martel Street

"There was never any snow on Martel Street in the wintertime from the heat that rose up from the pipes...the Central heating system also used to heat Broughal..The pipes ran under the street." -John Iampietro, former resident

McClintic-Marshall House

Architect: Frederick Larson
Patrons: Lehigh Alumni Association
Dates: 1955-1956, Dedicated 1957
Type: Residential
Nickname: M&M
In Honor of Lehigh Alumni Howard Hale McClintic and Charles Donnell Marshall

Morton Street

"The neighborhood kids would collect bottles and return them for the deposit. It was only two cents, but that was two cents of was a neat place..." - Mr. James Ruhf , former resident.

Mountain Top Campus: Iacocca Hall

Architect: ---
Dates: 1958-1961, 1986 Purchased by Lehigh University
Patron: Bethlehem Steel Corporation, Lee Iacocca
Type: Commercial, Academic
Name Variation: Homer Research Labs of Bethlehem Steel (original)