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"Report of Grades" by the Alumni Association

Friday, January 1, 1932

A “reminder” to keep up the donations came from the Lehigh Alumni Association. They sought to remind each alumni that they needed to continue their support, even if times became tough. It was emphasized that their success was not measured by how much was donated, but rather how many alumni donated to the Fund. This reminder came in the form of a “Report of Grades: Mid-Year Examination of the Alumni Fund Records”. The course title was “Alumnifundology” and the Professor was A.R. Glancy, the current Dean of the Alumni Council. The report listed class years from 1871 to 1931 and gave them “grades”, ranging from an A to an E. At this time, the fiscal year was half over, so 50% of participation was considered a “perfect mark”. The class year of 1871 received an A+, whereas the class of 1872 received an F. At the bottom of the report card, there was an opportunity for the alumni to make a gift to Lehigh, and thus allow for a re-examination of the “Alumnifundology”. This form of asking for alumni gifts sought to point out the class years whose alumni support was exceptional, and point out the class years who needed improvement. It was hoped that an alumnus from a class who had below a C would feel more inclined to make that gift.