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The Alumni Bulletin

Wednesday, October 1, 1913

One of the Association’s first projects was the creation of the Alumni Bulletin in 1913 under the editorship of Raymond W. Walters (Class of 1907). When it was first started, it was a “newsy twelve-page pamphlet, filled with notes of interests to every alumnus” (Publication for Alumni). The bulletin contained information about noteworthy things that were happening at Lehigh. It was full of statistics in order for the Alumni to know how the football team and various other sports were doing. It also had a class column, which stated how many men were attending college and how many were in different academic courses compared to previous years. It was free of charge to all Lehigh men for one year. The expense of the publication was met from the funds of the Alumni Association. Raymond W. Walters received many letters from alumni after the first issue of the bulletin thanking him and stating their tremendous appreciation. The bulletin was issued quarterly during the first year. After the first year they began sending out monthly issues during the school year (9 issues). There was a change in the bulletin for Volume 14 issued in October 1926. The publication expanded its dimensions and added images to the pamphlet. Color was first used in the bulletin in October, 1937 (Lehigh History).