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Verona Street

"Verona Street was kind of neat in those days because it was sloped, slanted. And when it snowed, the city would put ashes on Morton Street and we could sleigh ride right from the top of Packer Avenue all the way down to the bottom of Morton Street." -Mr.

Martel Street

"There was never any snow on Martel Street in the wintertime from the heat that rose up from the pipes...the Central heating system also used to heat Broughal..The pipes ran under the street." -John Iampietro, former resident

Vine Street

Mary Jo Falco Johnson will never forget the day of her First Holy Communion. She recalls that day in May of 1964 was not just a celebration for her family, but for her neighbors on Vine Street as well.

President's House

Architect: Edward T. Potter
Dates: c. 1866
Type: Residential

Defining the Lehigh Presidency

Porter's Lodge

Dates: 1879
Type: Residential, Academic
Name Variations: Gate House, Philosophy Building

*Image from Special Collections, Reference Number F1617, c.1890


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