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Location used for academic activities.

James Ward Packard Hall

Architect: Visscher & Burley
Patron: James Ward Packard
Dates: 1928-1930, 1976 Remodel
Type: Academic
Name Variation: Packard Laboratory

Maginnes Hall

Architect: --- Patron: Nancy Maginnes Kissinger Dates: 1970 Type: Academic In honor of Albert B. Maginnes '21

Linderman Library

Architect: Addison Hutton (1834-1916), Visscher & Burley, MGA Partners Patron: Asa Packer Dates: 1877-1878,1928-1929 Addition & Remodel, 2005-2007 Remodel Type: Academic In Honor of Lucy Packer Linderman

Lamberton Hall

Architect: Furness & Evans
Dates: 1907, 1941 Remodel, 1958-1959 Remodel
Type: Academic
Name Variation: The Commons, Dining Hall
In honor of Robert A. Lamberton (President of Lehigh University, 1880-1893)

Fritz Engineering Laboratory

Architect: John Fritz
Dates: 1909, 1955
Patron: John Fritz
Type: Academic
Nickname: Fritz

E. W. Fairchild-Martindale Library and Computing Center

Architect: Warner, Burns,Toan, & Lunde
Dates: 1968-1969, 1985 Addition
Type: Academic
Nickname: FM, Fair-Mart

Artist rendering courtesy of Special Collections

Drown Memorial Hall

Architect: Furness & Evans
Dates: 1907-1908, 1957-1958 Remodel, 1990-1991 Remodel
Type: Academic
Nickname: Drown
In Honor of Thomas Messinger Drown (President of Lehigh University, 1895-1904)

Chandler-Ullmann Hall

Architect: Addison Hutton (1834-1916)
Patrons: William H. Chandler; Harry M. Ullmann
Dates: 1882-1884, Extending of the West Wing 1929, Ullmann Wing added 1937, 1976 remodel
Type: Academic
Nickname: Chandler
Name Variations: Chemical Laboratory

Astronomical Observatory

Architect: ---
Patron: Robert H. Sayre
Dates: 1868-1869
Type: Academic
Nickname: Observatory
Name Variations: Sayre Building, Sayre Observatory

Alumni Memorial Building

Architect: Visscher & Burley
Patrons: Lehigh Alumni Association
Dates: 1922-1924/1925, Dedicated 1926, North Wing Remodeled 1958-1959
Type: Academic, Administrative
Nickname: Alumni
In Honor of Lehigh Alumni who died in World War I


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