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In March of 1907, Miss Mabel Housman of Fullerton, Pennsylvania received a postcard of Lehigh University’s Linderman Library. The postcard had just one sentence written on it: “Still looking for you, C.R.S.” What was the relationship between C.R.S and Mabel Housman? Were they to meet at Linderman Library? Had they met there, years ago? From this postcard, we take the name of our project. Still Looking for You is a virtual space for people to share their memories about Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Have you worked in, lived in, or visited the city? Please connect with us by contributing your stories today.

The Still Looking for You project is the brainchild of Lehigh University's Library and Technology team and Jessica Aberle, the 2011-2013 Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR) Postdoctoral Fellow. Jessica, an architectural historian, conceived of the idea of using Bethlehem, Pennsylvania's built environment as a catalyst for memory making and collecting. With this idea in mind and drawing inspiration from similar projects like PhilaPlace, the team set about designing the site. In addition to individual memories, Still Looking for You features tours on different themes which were created by Lehigh students and staff in collaboration with our community partners.


Design and Implementation Team

Jessica Aberle, 2011-2013 CLIR Postdoctoral Fellow
Colin Foley, Senior Developer
Annie Johnson, 2014-2016 CLIR Postdoctoral Fellow
Julia Maserjian, Digital Scholarship Project Manager
Scott Rutzmoser, Senior Developer
Rob Weidman, Digital Library Technical Specialist

Faculty Partners

Kimberly Carrell-Smith, Professor of Practice History
Scott Gordon, Professor of English
Vincent Munley, Professor of Economics

Heritage and Cultural Organization Partners

Bethlehem Area Public Library

South Bethlehem Historical Society



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