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Still Looking for You hopes to capture the memories of those that know Bethlehem through community contributions. Whether resident or visitor, please share your story.


Still Looking for You consists of a collection of pins that mark specific locations in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. These sites can be featured as part of a tour or user generated sites. The former are created by administrators of the site as part of a tour, while the latter are created by our users.

  • To contribute a memory, you may do so from the "Contribute a Memory Tab" or from one of the tours by clicking on one of the location pins. To contribute a memory while on the tour, click one of the location pins. A window will open, then click the title of the site. Doing so will open a new box. Within the drop down menu is an option for "Contribute a Memory".
  • Users may establish a new location in Still Looking for You in order to share a contribution, only if a pin does not currently exist for that location.
  • We ask that users do not place multiple pins on a single site; instead, please contribute your memory to the existing pin.
  • Currently, users may not associate a new pin to tour. This pin will only be visible on the "Browse All Content" Map. Users may of course contribute a memory to any pin regardless of whether it is featured or user generated.
  • Account holders may either upload text, image, and audio files or link to video. They may make multiple contributions to single site, using multiple formats.
  • Contributions should include a title and if possible a description and a title image (less than 50MB).
  • Please identify the date of significance for the contribution. If you are contributing a wedding photo taken in Packer Memorial Church in 1958, for example, then the date attached to contribution should be 1958.


  • All memory contributions must be attached to a user account. If you have a current Lehigh ID, you do not need to create a new user ID and password. If you do not have a current Lehigh Id, please create a user account.Please note that an account or log in is not needed to view the pins or take a tour.
  • Users assume copyright responsibility for material uploaded to the site.
  • As Still Looking for You is intended to be an archive, only in extreme cases will content be removed from the site. If you wish to make a take down request, please contact Lehigh University's Digital Library at (
  • All user contributed content is subject to review and may be removed if deemed inappropriate and/or harmful. Contributed content will not be immediately published to the site. It must first be reviewed by the staff. Contributions will be published within five business days or the contributor will be notified that his/her content did not meet the standards of the site. If you have any questions about your contribution, please contact