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Liberty High School

1922 to 2015

Liberty High School opened in 1922 as  "Bethlehem High School," replacing The South Bethlehem High School that had served all of the city's 9th-12th grade students. With the opening of the new school building on the north side, the original high school was renamed South Bethlehem Junior High (for students in grades 7-9), eventually becoming the grade 6-8 Broughal Middle School.  By the mid 1960s Bethlehem High School (Liberty) became overcrowded as the post WWII baby boom generation filled local schools, and suburban development occurred in Hanover and Bethlehem Townships.  In 1967 the Bethlehem Area School District established a second high school to accomodate the growing high school student population, building Freedom High School northeast of Bethlehem, in Bethlehem Township, and Bethlehem High School was renamed  Liberty High School.

Liberty was renovated in the mid-2000s, and was rededicated in 2009, as a large complex consisting of three academic buildings with modern technologically-equipped classrooms, a refurbished stadium, and the Student Activities’ Center, that includes a cafeteria, athletic department, natatorium, music facilities, and two gymnasiums The original 1922 main building was also fully repainted and refurbished, while the historic integrity of the 1922 marble lobby and the beautiful original auditorium were preserved during the renovation process.

Do you remember "the patio" at Liberty High? Or perhaps you were part of the band? Do you have a favorite memory about a class or a story to share about the school? How about photos? Videos? You can share them on this website! Click on Contribute a Memory, and follow the simple steps to submit your contributions! Let's preserve the memories of Liberty High School!

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