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History of 205 West Fourth Street

Thursday, December 21, 2017

The Tally Ho building we know and love today at 205 West Fourth Street was not always a pub with apartments sitting overtop.  The building started out as the post office for South Bethlehem upstairs, with commercial space on the first floor for what would be a host of different businesses.  An advertisement dating back to 1899 in the Lehigh student newspaper, the Brown and White describes a tailoring business named High Art Tailors.  By 1913 however, the storefront had been transformed into a barbershop.  The J.S. Jones Barbershop would advertise fairly frequently in the Brown & White classifieds without even giving an address, instead simply stating that its location was in “the Post Office Building. “


During the 1920s the building was first a grocery, H.G. Tambler Stores Co., and then around 1926 it became an auto body repair shop.  It remained this way for approximately six years before prohibition ended, and the Tally Ho opened its doors in 1933.  For the rest of the twentieth century the Tally Ho was a very popular community tavern frequented by both Lehigh and townsfolk.  Today it features a deck out back, and a game room space in the corner storefront.

Present day photo of Tally Ho, 2017. Foursquare.

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