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7 W. Fourth Street

Saturday, May 19, 2018

For nearly a century, 7 West 4th Street has been the home of numerous successful Southside businesses. The location originally began as Royal Restaurant where it provided a quaint, neighborhood feel to both local residents and the Lehigh student body alike. Boasting an extensive menu at reasonable prices, the restaurant enjoyed success at 7 West 4th Street for many years before closing its doors.

More recently, Tataway occupied 7 West 4th Street for a number of years earlier this decade where they operated a full-service tattoo removal enterprise. The firm wasn’t just reliant on their brick-and-mortar location, however; Tataway launched mobile offices in order to provide additional convenience to their customers.

Currently, 7 West 4th Street is inhabited by YoBo Cafe. Owned and operated by two recent Lehigh alumni, the bubble tea store provides the Southside with a little international flair that has been a big hit within the Lehigh communi