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Broughal Middle School

1915 to 2008

The original Broughal Middle School was designed by A.W. Leh. It was built on the corner of Packer Avenue and Brodhead Avenue between 1915 and 1916 and served as the South Side High School. Broughal was known for its decorative features and impressive architectural style which included Terrazzo tile floors and a 500-seat pit style gym. Lehigh ran a jazz series in the 1,300 seat auditorium built at ground level above the gym. The auditorium was known for its acoustics and was the perfect venue for plays and musical performances.

The school was converted from a high school into a junior high school after the establishment of Liberty High School in North Bethlehem in 1922. The name of the school was later changed to honor Lawrence Broughal, a 20 year member of the Bethlehem School Board. Broughal and its playing fields (now the site of the new Broughal Middle School) were an important part of the neighborhood for children who went to school there and used the school as a place to play. Former students also remember the school as a place for socialization. Residents even remember the Lehigh University ROTC using the Broughal fields for drill practice.

The original Broughal Middle School survived the redevelopment of the neighborhood in the 1960s only to be torn down in 2009 to make room for athletic fields for the new school.

If you have memories or photographs of Broughal Middle School, please share them with us! You can help us recreate the neighborhood and keep the stories alive!

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Photo Source:
Express Times