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Carlton Avenue

506 Carlton Avenue. 

Dorsey's Dress Shop and Mac's Hobby Hall

David Stocker moved from New Jersey in 1948, when he was 12 years old.  His family lived on the second and third floor above Dorsey's Dress shop, which was next to Mac's Hobby Hall.


Garcia Family Home 1940

The Garcia family moved from Columbia Street to this West Bethlehem home. Jesus Garcia worked for 30 years at the blast furnaces at Bethlehem Steel.  Between Jesus and his children, the family contributed 207 1/2 years of service to Bethlehem Steel.

108 Columbia Street Bethlehem, PA

Rudolf (Rudy) C. Garcia was born here in 1933 to Jesus and Petra Garcia.  Rudy is one of 9 brothers and sisters.  Rudy's father came from Mexico to work at Bethlehem Steel, where he was employed 30 years at the blast furnace.  Rudy and six of his siblings worked at Bethlehem Steel.

1939 Real Estate Guide

In 1939 Bethlehem Steel produced a real estate booklet. This home was listed in Your Opportunity to Own Your Own Home as a property that could be purchased for $9,000 to $10,000.


Camel's Hump

This area was formerly known as Quaker Hill.  Circa 1920, Archibald Johnston purchased the property and renamed it Camel's Hump because of the appearance of the hill.

Prospect Avenue Home

In 1939 Bethlehem Steel went into the real estate business.  During this time, one of my favorite neighborhoods was developed.


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