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Morton Street

1940 to 1965

"The neighborhood kids would collect bottles and return them for the deposit. It was only two cents, but that was two cents of was a neat place..." - Mr. James Ruhf , former resident.

Morton Street ran through the neighborhood from East to West and served as a neighborhood crossroad. The street was both residential and commercial. The photo on the right is a contribution from Mrs. Cecelia Kilian. This photo from May 1956 shows two cousins on their first communion day. In the background is a home on East Morton Street. The street was also commercial. Berthold's tavern was at the corner of New Street and Morton Street. The tavern was a popular location for steel workers after a long day at work. On the north side of Morton by Verona, a "Mom & Pop" grocery store was a popular stop for local children looking to buy candy or baseball cards. The store also refunded bottle deposits for enterprising neighborhood children.

If you have memories or photographs of Morton Street, please share them with us! You can help us recreate the neighborhood and keep the stories alive!

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