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Location used for religious activities.

First Moravian Church

Lehigh University students know Christmas-Saucon Hall as the oldest building on campus. Before it became an academic building, however, it was a place of worship. Moravians had constructed the building to house their growing congregation and serve the South Bethlehem community.

The Hillel Society of Lehigh University

The Hillel Society is a prominent campus-based organization that is committed to social betterment. The national Hillel Society was formed in 1924, and it has fostered deep ties to the global Jewish community since then.

Harold S. Mohler Laboratory

Architect: --- Dates: 1924, 1983 Acquired by Lehigh University Type: Religious, Academic Name Variations: Brith Sholom Community Center (original), Packard Lab West In Honor of Harold S. Mohler '48 Print courtesy of Special Collections

Christmas-Saucon Hall


  • Architect: ---
  • Patrons: Moravian Church
  • Dates: 1865, 1866 Purchased by Lehigh University
  • Type: Religious, Academic, Residential


Packer Memorial Church

Architect: Addison Hutton

Patrons: Mrs. Mary Packer Cummings, W. P. Starkey Family


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