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Restaurants, Offices, Hotels, Retail, Multi-purpose

The Tally Ho

Early 20th century
Name Variation: the Ho

WGPA Sunny 1100 Radio Station (1947-1982)

Architect: Lovelace and Spillman (Curtis M. Lovelace and Otto H. Spellman)

Dates: 1947 Type: Communications Building Name

Variations: Human Resources, Lehigh University

Campus Square/Farrington Square

Architect: Bohlin, Cywinski, Jackson

Dates: 2002 Type: Multipurpose, Academic

Price Hall

Architects: Remodeled by A. W. Leh
Dates: 1899 Purchased by Lehigh University, 1916-1917 Remodel
Type: Commercial, Residential, Academic
Name Variations: Old Brewery, Rennig Brewery, Die Alte Brauerei

Mountain Top Campus: Iacocca Hall

Architect: ---
Dates: 1958-1961, 1986 Purchased by Lehigh University
Patron: Bethlehem Steel Corporation, Lee Iacocca
Type: Commercial, Academic
Name Variation: Homer Research Labs of Bethlehem Steel (original)


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