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Glaser and Kaplan Junk Yard

Through the research of David Stocker at the Bethlehem Area Public Library and the Moravian Archives, he was able to uncover photos from the 1950s of the Glaser and Kaplan junk yard.

M & M Meat Store

Many former residents of the South Side remember buying fresh cuts of meat at the M & M meat store. The image on the right is an advertisement that the store placed in Lehigh University's 1929 Epitome Yearbook.

New Merchant's Hotel

The New Merchants Hotel, at the corner of Fourth and New Streets, was a hotel and popular drinking destination. Steel workers would also stop in the hotel bar on the way home from work. The establishment was not just for the guys though; ladies had their very own lounge at the hotel.

Butler Street

In 1965, Butler Street became part of the Packer Avenue Urban Renewal Project. The project demolished homes, schools, and businesses to allow for the expansion of the Lehigh University Campus. The Lost Neighborhood tour seeks to document locations lost to the Packer Avenue Urban Renewal Project.

New Street

"They would close New Street in wintertime for sledding between Packer and Morton, so you really just had to walk out your door, and your friends would be there." - Mrs. Pat Girke, former resident.


"The focal point probably was Gus's Hot Dog Shop on the corner of New and Packer."

-Mr. James Ruhf, former resident of Verona Street

Verona Street

"Verona Street was kind of neat in those days because it was sloped, slanted. And when it snowed, the city would put ashes on Morton Street and we could sleigh ride right from the top of Packer Avenue all the way down to the bottom of Morton Street." -Mr.

Homer Research Laboratories of Bethlehem Steel

Architect: ----
Dates: Late 1950s-Late 1960s, Lehigh University Purchased 5 of the 8 buildings in 1986, Lehigh University purchased the last 2 in 2013
Type: Commercial, Academic
Name Variations: Mountain Top Campus

25 E. Morton Street

Between 1979-2004, this was an often visited Wawa.

* Photograph from the Brown and White, Vol. 112, No 1, Photographer Blake Neiman


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