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Location used for athletic activities.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Team

Photograph of team ca. 1930s.

Photo contributed by Rudy Garcia.

Steel Field

Lehigh Men's Soccer team played on Steel Field from 1925 to 1962. Lehigh University purchased Steel Field from Bethlehem Steel and sold it to Moravian College in 1962 when the Saucon Valley fields were being built.

Ulrich Sports Complex

Ulrich Sports Complex is a student designed facility that opened in 2000. The complex currently has three different fields which houses Lehigh's men's and women's soccer, men's and women's lacrosse, and field hockey.

Taylor Gymnasium (& Stadium)

Architect: A. W. Leh and Henry F. Hornbostel
Patron: Charles L. Taylor
Dates: 1913-1914, 1976 Remodel, 19 November 1987 Last Game Played in Taylor Stadium, 1989 Remodel
Type: Athletic, Academic

Grace Hall

Architect: Visscher & Burley
Patron: Eugene Gifford Grace
Dates: 1940-1941, 1992-1995
Type: Athletic, Multipurpose
Nickname: Grace

*Photograph from Lehigh Alumni Bulletin, August 1942

Goodman Stadium

Architect: --- Patron: Murray H. Goodman Dates: 1988 Type: Athletic In Honor of Joanie and Murray Goodman

Coppee Hall

Architect: Addison Hutton (1834-1916)
Dates: 1883, Remodeled 1913-1914, Remodeled 1992-1993
Type: Athletic, Academic
Nickname: Coppee
Variations: Gymnasium
In Honor of Henry Coppee (Lehigh University's First President, 1866-1875)

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