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The Philip Rauch Center for Business Communications

Architect: Hillier Group Patron:Philip Rauch '33 Dates: 1990-1992 Type: Academic Nicknames: Rauch, RCBC Artist rendering courtesy of Special Collections

The Tally Ho

Early 20th century
Name Variation: the Ho

Ulrich Sports Complex

Ulrich Sports Complex is a student designed facility that opened in 2000. The complex currently has three different fields which houses Lehigh's men's and women's soccer, men's and women's lacrosse, and field hockey.

Verona Street

"Verona Street was kind of neat in those days because it was sloped, slanted. And when it snowed, the city would put ashes on Morton Street and we could sleigh ride right from the top of Packer Avenue all the way down to the bottom of Morton Street." -Mr.

Vine Street

Mary Jo Falco Johnson will never forget the day of her First Holy Communion. She recalls that day in May of 1964 was not just a celebration for her family, but for her neighbors on Vine Street as well.

Webster Street

He had almost made up his mind that he was going to live in a house over on the west side of Bethlehem… but then he got smart and he said, “All the people that are going to elect me live over here, so I’m going to build my house on Webster Street.”

WGPA Sunny 1100 Radio Station (1947-1982)

Architect: Lovelace and Spillman (Curtis M. Lovelace and Otto H. Spellman)

Dates: 1947 Type: Communications Building Name

Variations: Human Resources, Lehigh University

Wilbur Powerhouse

Architect: --- Dates: 1908 Type: Industrial, Academic Photograph from Campus Scrapbook courtesy of Special Collections, c. 1909 (LX L529 1909)

Williams Hall

Architect: ---
Patron: Edward H. Williams '75
Dates: 1903, 1956 Fire & Renovation
Type: Academic
Name variations: Bill Hall

Zoellner Arts Center

Architect: Dagit-Saylor
Patrons: Vickie and Robert Zoellner '54
Dates: 1996-1997
Type: Cultural Institution, Academic