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Central School

Like Broughal Middle School, Central School was an important place for the children of the neighborhood. Not only was it the elementary school for most of the children not attending parochial schools, but it was one of the main gathering places in the neighborhood.

Chandler-Ullmann Hall

Architect: Addison Hutton (1834-1916)
Patrons: William H. Chandler; Harry M. Ullmann
Dates: 1882-1884, Extending of the West Wing 1929, Ullmann Wing added 1937, 1976 remodel
Type: Academic
Nickname: Chandler
Name Variations: Chemical Laboratory

Christmas-Saucon Hall


  • Architect: ---
  • Patrons: Moravian Church
  • Dates: 1865, 1866 Purchased by Lehigh University
  • Type: Religious, Academic, Residential


College Theater (Today: Brodhead House)

Demolished 1978

Brodhead House
Name Variation: Hotel Brodhead
In honor of Albert Brodhead, Class of 1888


By 1966 the City of Bethlehem acquired the last of the homes in the Lost Neighborhood through purchase and eminent domain. By 1967, the demolition of the homes in the Lost Neighborhood was complete and construction began.

Coppee Hall

Architect: Addison Hutton (1834-1916)
Dates: 1883, Remodeled 1913-1914, Remodeled 1992-1993
Type: Athletic, Academic
Nickname: Coppee
Variations: Gymnasium
In Honor of Henry Coppee (Lehigh University's First President, 1866-1875)

Deja Brew

The building currently occupied by the Deja Brew café is located at 101 West 4th Street, at the intersection of 4th Street and Vine Street.  101 West Fourth has historical


"This wasn't just a bunch of historic buildings...this was a neighborhood, where people lived and cared about each other." -Mary Pongracz

Demonstration Tree Plantation, Sayre Park

Architect/Patron: Dr. Robert Hall
Dates: 1915-1950s
Type: Academic
Name Variation: Experimental Forest