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Packer Avenue

The only day I ever skipped school in my life was in October 1967. The Red Sox were playing the St. Louis Cardinals. Me and my buddy… we didn’t plan it too well. We didn’t have a place to go watch the game. So we came up to the Student Union building at Lehigh and we got caught!

Packer Hall

Architect: Edward T. Potter (1831-1904)
Dates: 1865-1869, 1890-1891, 1957-1958 Remodel & Addition
Type: Academic, Multipurpose
Name Variations: The University Center, UC
Style: High Victorian

Packer Memorial Church

Architect: Addison Hutton

Patrons: Mrs. Mary Packer Cummings, W. P. Starkey Family

Phillips' Music Store

This building is located at 24 East 3rd Street and is split to house two stores: Asian Bistro II takes the eastern half, but there is currently an empty storefront to the west.  The earliest record of 24 East 3rd Street was in 1924, when proprietors Sol and Rose Phillips rebuilt Philli

Physical Laboratory

Architect: ---, A. W. Leh
Dates: 1892-1895, 1900 Fire & Rebuilding
Type: Academic
In Honor of W. Deming Lewis (1964-1982)
Name Variation: Lewis Lab

Porter's Lodge

Dates: 1879
Type: Residential, Academic
Name Variations: Gate House, Philosophy Building

*Image from Special Collections, Reference Number F1617, c.1890

President's House

Architect: Edward T. Potter
Dates: c. 1866
Type: Residential

Defining the Lehigh Presidency

Price Hall

Architects: Remodeled by A. W. Leh
Dates: 1899 Purchased by Lehigh University, 1916-1917 Remodel
Type: Commercial, Residential, Academic
Name Variations: Old Brewery, Rennig Brewery, Die Alte Brauerei