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Garcia Family Home 1940

The Garcia family moved from Columbia Street to this West Bethlehem home. Jesus Garcia worked for 30 years at the blast furnaces at Bethlehem Steel.  Between Jesus and his children, the family contributed 207 1/2 years of service to Bethlehem Steel.

George Washington Rock, Sayre Park

Lookout Drive, c. 1901-1914
Courtesy of Lehigh University Special Collections, LUPC LUPC0099
Lehigh Postcard Collection

Glaser and Kaplan Junk Yard

Through the research of David Stocker at the Bethlehem Area Public Library and the Moravian Archives, he was able to uncover photos from the 1950s of the Glaser and Kaplan junk yard.

Goodman Stadium

Architect: --- Patron: Murray H. Goodman Dates: 1988 Type: Athletic In Honor of Joanie and Murray Goodman

Grace Hall

Architect: Visscher & Burley
Patron: Eugene Gifford Grace
Dates: 1940-1941, 1992-1995
Type: Athletic, Multipurpose
Nickname: Grace

*Photograph from Lehigh Alumni Bulletin, August 1942

Grace Mansion

The former home of Bethlehem Steel Company President Eugene Grace, the property is now Holy Family Manor.


"The focal point probably was Gus's Hot Dog Shop on the corner of New and Packer."

-Mr. James Ruhf, former resident of Verona Street

Harold S. Mohler Laboratory

Architect: --- Dates: 1924, 1983 Acquired by Lehigh University Type: Religious, Academic Name Variations: Brith Sholom Community Center (original), Packard Lab West In Honor of Harold S. Mohler '48 Print courtesy of Special Collections

Higbee Park

Higbee Park was the former site of Higbee School

Hill to Hill Bridge

Hill to Hill Bridge with Hotel Bethlehem in background
Looking north, c.1915-1930
Courtesy of Lehigh University Special Collections, LUPC LUPC0216